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Do you want to bake like a real Chef? Then come and discover all the wonderful products that La Patelière has created for you!

In our family of gelling agents (products that help you make a perfectly firm jelly or cake insert), you will find plant-based gelling agents, such as agar-agar and pectin (available in organic and classic versions), as well as gelatin in sheet or powder form.

Our easy-to-use gelatin, also available in gold quality, is made from pork or certified Halal beef. To give your culinary creations even more taste, try our nut, pistachio and hazelnut flavoured praline pastes to make your own homemade spreads.

Make life easier with Fixantilly, our whipped cream stabiliser, or our baking soda and glucose syrup! And let’s finish with our flagship product and well-kept Chef’s secret — Cuit-tout spray! It makes it easy to turn out cakes and can be used to coat a frying pan.

Baking aids

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Gelling agents to texture your bakes and ensure their success

Our extensive family of gelling agents includes all the texturisers and culinary aids that help to make your bakes a success. They are very easy to use and just need to be rehydrated in water (they set once refrigerated).

Baking aids, culinary allies for chefs

Thanks to its expertise, La Patelière has selected the very best baking aids for pastry chefs to guarantee the texture and appearance of cakes at home and in the bakery.

Successful recipes thanks to these handy ingredients

To reproduce famous recipes at home, or create something new by getting off the beaten track, you need professional baking products.

Thanks to our agar-agar, you can use it to set plant-based recipes, such as red fruit mousses. It can also be blended with fruit juices to create jelly inserts in desserts or Yule logs, for example.

A gelling agent is also essential for making jams, and we recommend using pectin for a perfect texture.

For all those nutty pastry chefs out there, we’ve also come up with a range of nut pralines, which are perfect for flavouring many recipes.

Our praline paste is essential for making a classic Paris-Brest or the melting filling of a choux bun. And for a guaranteed light, airy Chantilly cream, Fixantilly is the perfect ally – but use sparingly so as not to alter the flavour. But let’s get back to our “classic” cakes. Have you ever used baking soda to make your cakes rise? Try it to make doughnuts lighter, you won’t believe your eyes!

Finally, to make it easier to remove cakes from their mould or to prevent them sticking to the tin, try Cuit-tout.

This practical product comes in the form of a vegetable oil spray.

With these handy culinary aids and gelling agents, the recipe possibilities are endless.

Over to you, Chef !