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Retains all taste

Top tip for passionate bakers: to enhance all your culinary creations, La Patelière has developed a wide range of sugar and raising agents.

When it comes to raising agents, our baking powder is ideal for all types of cakes, while our phosphate-free baking powder offers a healthier and more neutral-tasting alternative, which does not affect the taste of your bakes or leave any aftertaste. Available in sachets and large packs!

For keen bread-makers, our super-active baker’s yeast (which does not need to be rehydrated) will ensure that your bread, brioche or danish pastries are as moist as they are delicious thanks to our cutting-edge product.

We develop our own baking powder recipes to guarantee the best results and preserve flavour.

La Patelière constantly strives to create innovative and natural products.

Light and fluffy

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Vanilla sugar made in our very own facility

La Patelière is proud of its vanilla extraction and flavouring process, which it has been fine-tuning since 1981.

A range of raising agents

To meet all needs and tastes, we have created two gluten-free raising agents, as well as organic options.

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Recipe ideas for our range of sugars and raising agents

Caramel and salted butter drip cake

Lemon meringue pie

Sweet pastry

Doughnuts filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread

When sugars and raising agents are required for your bakes…

From vanilla sugar to flavour your cakes and desserts, to baking powder or a raising agent for a light, airy texture, or baker’s yeast for homemade breads and pastries, these helpful culinary allies make baking so much easier!

Simple, basic but still so good, yoghurt cake is a fabulous snacking cake, and its fluffy texture — thanks to a single sachet of baking powder — has a lot to do with it.

If you prefer lighter cakes, opt for a raising agent, which will lighten the batter without weighing it down.

For delicately flavoured sweet recipes, vanilla sugar is the perfect choice.

Sprinkle it over a crème brûlée or use it in your cake, muffin or biscuit recipes for a deliciously exotic vanilla flavour.

Want to get hands on? Try our baker’s yeast to make your own homemade bread, or a golden, fluffy brioche whose delicious smell will wake up the whole house and bring the family to the kitchen for breakfast! You can also use it to make pastries (croissants, pains au chocolat), which will be even better than those bought from the bakery because they are made with love!

Get out your sugar and yeast, and let us help you simplify your favourite recipes and explore new ideas!

Get out your sugar, yeast and let’s get baking!