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Bakers everywhere, do you want to take your creativity to the next level?

Thanks to our range of decorations to pose or sprinkle (such as our sugarpaste range containing no palm oil), you can personalise a cake for a special occasion or add a touch of wow to your culinary creations.

Choose from a variety of decorations to pose or sprinkle, such as our unicorns, princesses, animals, mini hearts, squiggles or sugar and chocolate sprinkles. Customise your bakes with our natural food colourings (available in powder and liquid form).

Celebrating a birthday? Browse our range of candles, which includes candles naturally, but also “Happy Birthday” cake toppers.

And don’t forget to decorate your party room with our balloon letters. Let your imagination run riot, and make cakes and desserts that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Create lasting memories of these shared moments with the help of our decorations & candles.

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Create unforgettable memories

Discover our range of highly original decorations and candles available in all the colours of the rainbow. When it comes to food colourings, red is the most sought-after colour, but we also offer more niche colours like orange and violet. And don’t forget to check out our fire-breathing candles for wild celebrations!

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We are proud to offer premium products, including natural food colourings and AZO-free decorations that help you express your creativity and reflect your personality.

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Recipe ideas with our decorations and candles

Caramel and salted butter drip cake

Easter chocolate mousse

Enchanted Christmas Forest

Gourmet chocolate cup

Butter, sugar, flour, raising agent, elegant decorations and beautiful candles… can you already sense the festive atmosphere in the air? If you’re making a birthday cake, don’t forget to add candles to the centre of the cake so that the birthday boy or girl can blow them out and make their birthday wish!

Candles also have their place at exciting gender-reveal parties or baby showers! For a gender-reveal party, you will need to use blue or pink food colourings to reveal the sex of the baby, which you can pair with our decorations featuring little hearts, princesses, unicorns and other creatures.

And for Christmas, why not add golden sugar beads to a Yule log for an elegant and festive decoration?

Speaking of decorations, have you ever tried adding sugar decorations to your recipes? Gold and silver sugar pearls add a touch of glamour to your cakes, while sugar flowers add a little colour and whimsy to your desserts.

And why not try adding sugar stars for a cosmic-themed evening or autumn leaves for a Halloween party?

For your cupcakes, petits fours or macaroons, simply add an ounce of coloured icing and a few sugar sprinkles to create a chic, gourmet result. In fact, whatever the occasion – and even if there is no occasion – our decorations and candles will add a festive touch to any dessert.

So get out your baking moulds, whisks and cake decorations and get ready to impress your guests with creations that are as festive as they are tasty!

Grab your wooden spoon, turn on the oven and let’s get baking!